Della Spiga, Top Luxury Real Estate Brokers

Specializing in luxury properties since 1993

A guided choice

It is 1993 when Graziano Basso establishes his real estate consultancy in the heart of Milan’s fashion district. His mission: delivering an all-inclusive, superior service to his clients.
Focusing exclusively on luxury homes and 5 star hospitality properties in Italy and worldwide, Graziano Basso keeps delivering exceptional results.
“Every property, every home has a story of their own. Our job is to prove the best storytellers. Communication is key, but our goal is not convincing buyers. They ultimately know best. We are there to offer our expertise and provide guidance so as to help them reach well-informed and rewarding decisions. Our selection is meticulous because we look for the best and only commit and list the finest properties we find.”

Superior service

Luxury real estate is a complex business requiring experienced professionals. Della Spiga Immobiliare offers property owners and buyers a world-class service encompassing legal and financial advice, as well as tailored assistance throughout their real estate journey. “For every deal there is a relationship we build and nurture” explains Graziano Basso. “We commit to our clients from the initial approach, all the way to the finalization of the sale or purchase and even later on, whenever needed. We build trust over time and constantly seek feedback in order to deliver the best customer experience.” Graziano Basso has made a name for himself through years of experience and impeccable management, becoming a point of reference for the real estate industry in Milan.

Opportunities in Italy and abroad

Della Spiga researches unique properties in prime locations. From Portofino to Tuscany, from Rome to the Emerald Coast, its ray of action extends to London, Paris, New York City and Switzerland. A team of realtors journeys each time to meet with the owners and explore new properties in detail. “We only work with exclusive sole mandates. Luxury real estate properties can be delicate assets, we protect the owners’ privacy by not revealing sensitive information when marketing the property.” This is how every deal represents a new challenge for Graziano Basso, whose enthusiasm and expertise set the seal on his clients’ satisfaction. “Honesty really is the best policy. We communicate effectively and never let down our clients.” A policy which has proven highly successful so far.
A visit to the agency is enough to feel certain of the team’s professionalism. Clients are in the safe hands of trusted experts. “In thirty years of experience I have never lost a client nor wrongly estimated a property’s value. I always feel like the buyer of any property I take on.”
Graziano Basso’s intuitions have never failed his clients, lots of whom have become friends and contributed to building this brokerage’s prestigious reputation.